yeah its essential

clapton at his best
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actually I haven't picked that one up yet... probably should, I'm a huge fan of Clapton... mostly his pre-solo work.
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actually I haven't picked that one up yet... probably should, I'm a huge fan of Clapton... mostly his pre-solo work.

the yardbirds rule and Bluesbreakers is a real milestone, you gotta listen to it
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I just got this Album and I've never been a huge Clapton fan but man his leads on this are amazing. Anyone else ever listen to this album?

yes its a pretty awesome album and his playing is up there. although there is a version of steppin out thats on the clapton crossroads 4 disc set that i have that i think is better than the one on the album. other than that, some of the solos i just have to say "man...". but odly enough, i think my favorite song on that album is parchman farm...which doesnt even have clapton playing on it lol.
u talkin' "Beano" right?

it's totally on his autobiography. he hated being in pictures so he bought a comic and he looked at his Beano comic while being in the picture.

he sang in i think "Ramblin on my Mind" and that was the only one he sang in because John made him. Clapton himself hated the fact that his voice was "whiney"
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Just today at school my music teacher pulled out an original vinyl of this album. Awesome seeing a rock and roll artifact like that.
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Personally prefer Peter Green's album with Mayall "A Hard Road", but the Beano album is an all time classic British blues album.
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have the album, love it
Definitely some of Clapton's best playing on record.
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Pretty good, I like the "Day Tripper" steal on "What I'd Say"

what id say is a ray charles cover and it was originally released in 1959 while day tripper came out in 1965
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Ooo, you got me there...

except I was referring to the day tripper riff that Clapton tacks on after the drum solo. But nice try

do you think he took it from the beatles song?