I mean like what not to drink> mabey some exersizes to get my voice warmed up? OR little exersiZes to make it better?
Although I know someone that swears by it, the clear majority of singers say stay away from dairy.
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Well, I would advise you not to drink substances such as battery acid.
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Stay away from dairy and candy before singing. Ex. dont drink soda or eat yogurt before singing.
This definitely belongs in the singing thread located at the top of the forum. But I will answer your question. Basically anything except for water will be bad for your voice if you are going to sing right away. That being said, I will still drink the odd coke while in choir class, as long as the teacher doesnt see. It just messes with your voice. But ya, dairy because it coats your throat. So stick to water (warm is the best, but get real) and even tea is ok.
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justin, that was easily the most inspiring, helpful piece of advice anyone has ever given me in regards to my musical pursuits.

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got butterflies ,stiff jack and coke , i hear warm tea is good and jus plain water is good for duration of time singing , ive seen a bunch of singing exersiZes u can google that. i used to sing in a band and play guitar and i always felt more comfortable to get 1or 2 easy songs of a setlist to get comfortable but really a voice coach/teacher is best to learn the ur own potential