Hey everyone,

So i bought a different shaped pick a few days back and found it really comfortable and i want to know whether or not it has a name. By that i mean is it called like the "Ibanez triple pick" (yes i made that up) or something.

It says Ibanez right on it in gold letter and HEAVY right bellow that. (I think they only come in black and white, atleast at the store i bought em they did). It's kinda triangle-y and all of its sides are even so you can hold it anyway you want.

Hope someone will be able to help.

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Quote by makuserusukotto
its an ibanez heavy then

There's no better answer.
I think the HEAVY just means that the pick is hard ant not bendy. You know like they have HEAVY, MEDIUM and LIGHT picks ?
Yeah but the thing is, this one's a lot smaller than the other ones were. Thats why i find it so comfortable.
Sorry for double posting, my router screwed up.

Here's a pick of it

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