Hey so today I stopped into a local music store for the first time and started playing on a Vox AC15 all tube amp and I just loved it. The sound was perfect for me, but here's the thing. Right now I'm playing on a Vox AD50VT hybrid tube amp. I'm not sure if the tone difference is really worth the $200 I'll end up spending upgrading to this amp(its $585 at the music store, not bad eh?). I'd also be losing all of the effects on the AD50, but I really hardly use those apart from reverb and chorus or delay occasionally(so I'd probably look at getting at least a delay pedal soon down the road).

Basically, Do you think it's that important to get an all tube amp over a hybrid tube amp?
its totally different, but the aC15 sounds totally different from the AC30 FWIH

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Well in my opinion the AD series is pretty alright, versatile, plenty of effects. But my belief is the more you play out of something, the better you hear it and start to compare it to other things. I moved from an Mg, to a Vox AD30, and I'm getting a Carvin Legacy this week. I think my ear evolved a lot from playing on one and getting used to the tone. In short: the jump is very well worth it. After playing on the AC15 for a while, you'll notice what you've been missing. I've got pretty high expectations for my Legacy right now...

Tube amps generally take pedals better anyway, or at least more so than modelers.
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I definitely noticed the difference in tone. I just wanted a second opinion on the subject, and it looks like I'm pretty much settled on getting it. Now its just the whole subject of money that'll get in the way.
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If you like the AC15 the AC30 will make you spontaneously combust.

Mainly because of the price! Its way out of my range unfortunately.
You should make the move to tube, not sure if that amp's the best choice, though. I love the AC30CC's, but find the AC15 to be somewhat lacking. For the similar money, you could get something like a Peavey Delta Blues. Two channels, 30W, reverb, tremolo, and absolutely awesome tone. An amp that could last your lifetime.
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