What is the type of music in NFS high stakes? just electronica. i foudn the names of the songs i like in the game from it, theyre called, paradigim shift, quantum singularity, roll teh dice, naked and ashamed, road warrior
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yeah they have a habit for throwing in alot of techno...

but they also did throw in wolfmother, rise against, killradio, bfmv, and alot of other good stuff... sometimes

naw im tlaking abotu the old NFS games, where it was all techno like. And it was music composed especially for NFS (i think) the nbew NFS games take actual bands and ****
1. Saki Kaskas - Amorphous Being
2. Lunatic Calm - Roll The Dice
3. Rom Di Prisco - Rock This
4. Dylan Rhymes - Naked and Ashamed
5. Junkie XL - War
6. Crispin Hands - Bionic
7. The Funk Lab - I am Electro
8. Rom Di Prisco - Liquid Plasma
9. Junkie XL - Fight
10. DJ Icey - Clutch
11. Rom Di Prisco - Bring That Beat Back
12. Dastrix - Dude in the Moon
13. Junkie XL - Def Beat
14. The Experiment - Cost of Freedom
15. Saki Kaskas - Globular Cluster
16. Junkie XL - No Remorse
17. Surreal Madrid - Insanity Sauce
18. Rom Di Prisco - Road Warrior
19. Saki Kaskas - Callista
20. Rom Di Prisco - Electro Optik

NFS games use alot of music from Junkie XL IIRC.

I just got the new NFS game yesterday, it's awesome.
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^ wut he said