Hi guys after my last upload where people were saying it lacks a rhythm section, i have tryed to add one to this song, if its not clear to you the slow brake down parts where my attempt.


its the one labled "song attempt"

Thanks for the help, james
you're gonna wana work on the tone, its real harsh sounding. Another thing you should kinda be weary of is it the timing is really mess up...not sure if that was intended (quite often there are like extra 1/2 beats at the end of the 4th measure) not saying you can't do it, it just makes it really difficult to follow. the tremolo picking part was my favorite part. basically just work on the tone if i were you.
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whoaaaaa lay of the metalzone pedal! fuzzy heaven, you have to get a nice tone, roll off the treble/gain, add some mids, songs sounds alright from what i can hear.
Hmm the tone is not good as everyone said, but despite that, the idea of the song itself is okay I think.. I think you allready know how awful the tone and stuff is sounding, so work a little more on the song, get some mide drums added or stuff like that, that will improve your recordings.. Try not to post your songs/ideas before they are really good sounding, otherwise people will just tear them apart..

anyways, give our songs a listen dude: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=721789
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