It’s not worth the effort or the time
To even have this conversation
You might really hate standing in line
But isn’t that the way you found your salvation?

I’ve seen the other side of you
I’ve been inside the minds of fools
Trust me I know the way they think
Is about as useless as the wine you drink

Searching for what’s right out in the open
And ignoring what hypocrites can hide
Anything as long as you get to show them
Everything except the way inside

Leave your bracelet of thorns at the door
And if you still want to come in anymore
Let me know and we can set up a date
Whatever it is remember ill be 7 days to late

Speaking of ideas I have quite a few
You have to remember I forgot what it was I knew
The truth has no home
It goes wherever it is forced to go

If the phantom is knocking at your door
Don’t let him in through the creaking floor
And make sure you don’t let him
Give you his poems and his forgotten sin

Condemnation is creeping in the night
And it never can find a place where it delights
The calling of the crowded road is calling
Leaving us all to wonder why we find it so enthralling
Leaving us all to wonder why
Leaving us all to wonder
Leaving us all…(fade out)

(the end)

Personally, it reminded me of my first serious relationship. She claimed to be a hardcore christian, but was a little too hardcore if you know what I mean. She used religion as a basis for everything and definitly didn't lead the lifestyle of one.

So glad it be agnostic now. Overall I'm like it man, good work.