Hey my friends and I are working on getting a jazz trio sorta thing going and I was wondering if there are any good songs for us to play. I am trying to not sound like a prick but we are above beginner but any song suggestion would be nice. And as for me (guitar) I was wondering if there are any particular scales you guys would suggest (other than blues I already know those ) I also have a Telecaster and figured I should probably get a different guitar for jazz. Any suggestions would be great and thanks for all your insights in advanced!
I hate to dissapoint, but the phrase 'beginner jazz' is one of the world's biggest oxymorons.
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Learn the major scale and all of it's modes. Starting out, I suggest you play a common chord progression (like ii-iv-v) and improvise over it
Autumn Leaves is a good song.

But really, just get your theory and knowledge of the fretboard down.

The ability to improvise is a plus to.
Beginner jazz really is an oxymoron. I HIGHLY suggest jazz lessons, if you're not already taking them.

For guitars, just about any hollowbody will do. Check out the Ibanez Artcore series for that. And as already stated, learn all the modes, and also know your arpeggios. The Dorian mode is the most commonly used, as well as major 7th arpeggios.