ok i dont know if this should go here but what the heck. ok so i have a squier (great i know, i play bass for real) and i just put on new strings after a LONG time using the same set. so long i didnt remember what gauge or type they were. im thinking .011 fender strings. but anyway. i just got a set of elixer mediums. and i put them on after some serious cleaning of the neck and stuff. but my guitar now sounds like a twangy country guitar. not what i wanted. im having issues with buzzing all over. i think i fix it and it just starts up again. can some one help me. i know my intonation is all off. but does that really cause the strings to buzz. i was thinking my truss rod. i recently tightened it. and then theres the action. but the strings are allready way up. i dont like them up that high. any ideas or suggestions let me know
Ok take it from some one who knows iv taken music therory and AP music theroy it helps its not that bad even if they do tell you power cords are lame
Take it to the store and let them look at it. I wouldn't mess with anything if you are unsure of what you are doing
that "bright twangy" tone youre getting is because its a strat with new strings. you should replace strings more often so you actually know what youre doing

edit: nice sig too, i took AP at my school, helped a lot as a musician
A bright country-like tone can indicate that you have thin strings, that theory is though contradicted by the fact that the strings got higher which indicates that hte truss rod is to loose, over all this sounds hairy i recommend you to have a proffesional looking over it
look down your neck. hold the guitar with your eyes at the bridge, looking down the neck. if it does not look flat you need to adjust the truss rod until it is flat. after that adjust the saddle height until you no longer have fret buzz. then you need to learn how to intonate.
First, I hope you did not just randomly tighten your truss rod becuase thats not how it works. here is a decent tutorial on how to adjust your truss rod.


Second take a look at your bridge. I assume you have a standard squire tremolo. With strings at tension the bridge should be parallel to the body. If the new strings are much heavier then the bridge will be raised up, if they are lighter then it will be sunken in. You have to adjust the trem springs accordingly.

Sounds like you just need a good setup done.
check your saddles for the buzzing.
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