I noticed on one of Zakk Wylde's Les Pauls he has it with a bare neck. I like the feel of an unpainted neck with just a sealer on it. Kind of like an Ibanez finish on a wizard prestige neck. Is this a safe thing to do to a Les Paul, i plan on having it done if i do it. Just to make sure it is done right and i don't have to fool with it.

Also I am getting the classic, fits my budget and is decent to me. But are the pickups worth changing? They are the ceramic ones, supposedly really hot. I was planning on being pretty versatile with this guitar from clean jazzy stuff to some metal. What are some good pickups to change to? I was thinking a PAF maybe, i am really into those.

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dude the classics pickups are the best.i would never change anything in a les paul either,its too much money to mod
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you're getting a Classic? I would change the pickups, they're muddy and will not do jazz at all...

you can take very fine sand paper and sand the clear coat off the neck until it's smooth, which is what I did with my LP, its smooth as butter
The stock pickups should be fine. I never noticed mine being excessively hot.
As far as the pickups go, I'd change them if I were you. I own both a Classic and a Classic Antique, and I've ended up changing the pickups on both. For the record, the Antique's stock pickups were nicer to begin with, but even then they weren't great.

For the standard Classic, you'll definitely want to change the pickups, I would think. Of course it does depend a bit on your amp and just how you play, so do use it for a week or so at least before deciding.
go with seymour duncans on the pickups. AH1's (the alnico II's) will really get a Slash sound from them.