ok my guitar has a non locking whammy like the ones on a strat, and what i wanna know is... is there anything i can do to make it so that i can actually use it without it going out of tune? cuz they second i even touch the bar the the thing goes way out of tune
buy a locking nut.
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buy a locking nut.

Don't. Try the roller nut/locking tuner combo, seems to work well for Start-type trems.
Locking nut would work, but looks like **** all without a full floating trem...

Locking tuners, and a lubricated or roller nut would help, but you're never going to be able to use it like a full floating trem such as FR's or Kahlers etc...
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Locking nut won't work on that because you have to unscrew the clamps to change tuning.
Buy some locking tuners, they should solve your problems, I believe planet waves and fender makes some.
Sperzel makes the best locking tuners, IMO. I think Gotoh makes some good ones too, but I'm not entirely sure.
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Just dont be like me and break your whammy bar off at the threads in the bridge. I tried to drill it out and broke the drill bit. sucks....