well I've had a Taki G series for quite a while now and its an OK guitar but now that I'm progressing further into learning the guitar I think I need something a bit better. So this year for my Christmas and Birthday (they're pretty close together) I plan on getting a new acoustic, the sort that I'll keep my whole life. Reliable, good sound, etc etc.

so any suggestions for guitars. I know in the end the choice is up to me and what suits me but I like having a good starting point.

Oh and importantly, any **** guitars I should avoid at all costs
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Check out these brands:
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i STRONGLY recommend looking at Ibanez acoustics. Overall, they are high-quality guitars with a tiny price tag.

I have a ew20asent and every time i play it in front of someone i get comments like "omg, that is a beautiful guitar!" it looks sexier than any other acoustic i've ever seen and it sounds VERY nice for only 300

my brother has an aw series and his sounds better than mine.... it sounds HEAVENLY. so much treble, so crisp, so awesome

ibanez makes some of the best guitars ive ever played, in my opinion
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breedlove, or an upscale epiphone. also the bands mentioned above

I think Breedlove's are only available in the US
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Wiggy = legend.

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