there are actually people who die from vaccines, although you are 10 times more likely to die if you dont get vaccinated. there's also mercury in the preservative in some vaccines. people are just paranoid and stupid, its smarter to get vaccinated, less likely to get sick or die
Whose she gonna blame when her children are dying in a wheelchair with polio, smallpox, measles, hepititus, meninjitus, and a **** load of other diseases?

Don't be an ass - Save your children's lives.
The immune system vaccinates itself. That's why I never hesitate to eat food off the ground or share needles.
People this dumb don't deserve to reproduce. I'm glad she's realized her mistakes, and is doing her best to correct them.
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everyone knows the government is just trying to kill our children.
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One of my friend's family doesn't use any medication prescribed by doctors. They use herbs and form their own medicine. He's been doing well so far.

Too bad theres no vaccine for stupid. Until then we'll just have to counter with logic.
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hmmmm, maybe we should work on that^
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yeah, thats me

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^^Damn straight.

Besides the needles.

Im going to send my kid to daycare, let him play on the playground, lick public items, and eat off the floor.
He'll be a tough bastard that way.

I did all those things, and I've only been sick two times since I was an infant.

Kidding, vaccine has its place, but I do think sometimes they go overboard.
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i bet she's spanish too.

please stop being such an ignorant ****.

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