hey. i was on musiciansfriend.com today and i noticed this guitar, and it looks like the one jimmy page uses in his song "White Summer". i will give the link here.

my main question was is it a good buy for $250? it looks pretty cool, but i don't want to spend $250 on a guitar that is just gonna sit in it's case.
Yes, Jimmy Page does play a '59 Danelectro on White Summer and also on Kashmir. I haven't personally tried one, but I've heard they're pretty darn good for the price.
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Depending on what styles you play, you could definitely get something like an Ibanez or a low-end Schecter for a similar price.
But the tone will be completely different. Danelectros are cheap, but they give you a unique vintage tone you are unlikely to find elsewhere.
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i play almost all classic rock. i don't think you can get much better guitar playing than in led zeppelin and metallica, ac/dc, etc. so that is all i play.
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Does anyone else see the seal in the pickquard?

By seal you mean the black thing around it?
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yeah, that's a good price. Danos are pretty awesome guitars: you can't get that sound anywhere else.

Page used his to play slide on as well. Check the "In My Time of Dying" preformance on the Led Zeppelin DVD. Absolutely awesome.

You probably wouldn't want it as a main axe, but it's good to have as a secondary.

EDIT HOLY CRAP: Holy crap, it is a seal. why didn't I pick up on that before?!?!
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wow, the pickguard is of a danelectro a seal. As in the animmal that eskimos shove in a bag and beat with clubs when they are angery seal. I NEVER SAW THAT.
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Depending on what styles you play, you could definitely get something like an Ibanez or a low-end Schecter for a similar price.

why does everyone on these forums point to ibanez or schecters as a recommendation? lol sorry but its just too funny to see that day in day out.

anyways, i'd get the danelectro. worst comes to worse you could always send it back, im sure they have a return policy. because no matter how long you try a guitar in a store, you'll never get the full effect and understanding if its a good purchase until you get it home and plug it into your own stuff and play it under your circumstances. so order it and try it out.
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