sounds pretty good to me man, maybe eq your voice a little different for recordings, but the tone itself is superb.
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Sounds pretty good, but for constructive criticism's sake, you need to learn to stretch your notes out. You're cutting your words too hard. Vocals, in general, need to flow to sound more like melody and not like talking in rhyme. Projecting wouldn't hurt but I should foot-note that comment with the fact that this is a soft song so it's not the best example for all out vocal power.

Still good, though.
I certainly think you can sing. A bit of improvement wouldn't hurt, but singing as you are I'd buy a CD of yours and listen to it and enjoy the singing.
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Sounds good but sounds a bit thin or weak. Try singing more from your diaphragm.

Take a breathe and make sure not to raise your shoulders but instead let your tummy expand as much as you can - now sing and aim to empty that as slowly as you can. It's hard but it's terribly useful to have that control - especially for long, high, climax of the song notes. Think about how many singers you've seen that haev a hand on their stomach as they sing - that's why.

A good voice, very good if you have no knowledge or haven't had lessons. Most people, americans especially, that I've heard untrained sound really nasally. Try taking deeper breaths and improving how you breath and you should become a more versatile singer.

And check the singing thread in Musician Talk for more hints.
dude, dont think for a second your not any good man, you have potential most guys dont. now i can sing pretty well too but ive learned the best way to get better is belt out notes of any song, soft or otherwise, in a comfortable environment, maybe in your room or in your car. I ride around in my car or sit and play games and try to match note for note while belting songs from bands like coheed and cambria, paramore, saosin, and taking back sunday (because thats how i wanna sound, you do it to your respective genre) and just get the volume way up there, then the vibrato, sustain, and tonal qualities will pick up with it. i have the range of a normal tenor to a female alto now and can match many different tonal qualities, you just gotta be unafraid to look or sound stupid singing (my siblings always give me **** for singing female parts to help range). but great male voices are dying out so give it time and practice and youll have a great sound and technique.
Yeah, you're pretty good. Could use a bit more feeling at times, although I shouldn't be talking because I have virtually no singing talent.
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