Do you support hedonism, which is the archetypal life style of those who into the rock scene and all of its influenced genres.
Personally, I'm all hedonism but I believe that is dose not justify idiocy. Dumbasses have been giving punk, rock and metal a dumb, idiotic visage for far to long, when ironically, most of the fans of such genres are highly intelligent people.
I'm gonna drive all night, take some speed. I'm gonna wait for the sun to shine down on me. I cut a hole in my roof in the shape of a heart snf I' goin' out west where they'll appreciate me"

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Most great artists aren't truly hedonistic in any sense, they're just drawn to vice and prone to excess.
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It's not always as hedonistic as such. It's just drugs, sex, and rock 'n' roll if you go big, it doesn't have to be. Have you seen all the big rockstars on heroin or cocaine, they look like **** once they've been using it for a longer time. So, the drugs aren't really needed. Sex depends on the people again. While rock 'n' roll to be rock 'n' roll you need to be rock 'n' roll! As for people becoming big and rich, it's a part of everyone's hedonistic pursue of success.
i like to keep a business sense to my career. im not all for the classic "Sex Drugs n Rock n Roll" lifestyle as that will usually lead to burnout, band controversy, musical changes, and general wasting of your body. i dont mind a cig habit and some cheap *****s, but i would never go into drugs and mess myself up like too many other bands have done.
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I hate the whole rock star thing
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