I still can't play chords like Bm. Are there any chords that is easier and sounds close to a Bm?
adventually you just have to learn a b-minor.... work on bar chords and you will be fine
well the relative major of Bm is D?
i play Bm like this

As far as open chords go I find Bm to be the hardest....Just keep practicing.
If you absolutely for whatever reason cant play it as a barre chord, play it xx4432.
Honestly though, just keep practicing till u get it, youll be glad u did.

well the relative major of Bm is D?

I hope you're not implying that a D major sounds like a B minor...lol.
you'll be laughing at yourslef later on down the track when you can play it with ease and with several different fingerings but until then, practice, pick alot of songs with Bm.. play ALL your songs now that have chords using bar chords
You're never going to improve as a player if you give up on the hard stuff. Tough it out and you'll get it with lots of practice.
WOAH!! I just gave it another try and I got it! It sounds better than just scratching sounds now! :P
congrats, i'm practicing "Iris" by the goo goo dolls..so i'm having trouble with it as well..but i refuse to give up XD