HEY DUDES ive basically got a gig in two weeks and my guitar just ****ed its self!

now i basically on;y have enough cahs for a bullet strat

are they ****ty? or are they at least ok lol
In short.

Bullet = Sh*t

what did you do to your current guitar anyway, you'd probably be better off dealing with that than buying something else. Or possibly borrow a guitar.
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Repair your current guitar for that money, Bullet will take you down a slippery slope of crap.
dont listen to those people. i have a squier that does the trick just fine. As long as you play well ti will be fine.
^ they aren't saying all squiers suck, but the bullet however.........does
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I had one for a year. They're not as bad as everyone is making them out to be. They're durable as hell and will last forever. Just don't change the tuning alot or you'll break your strings every 2 seconds.
It will do the trick fine, but in the long run, fixing your current guitar, or going a model up, or borrowing a guitar or something will be better.
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one answer man i had one and it was the biggest piece of **** i ever played and am embarassed to have owned the friggin thing
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I'd get your fixed... or try and get a cheap pacifica.
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there not the worste guitars but i wouldnt try for the gig. the sound is bad and it isnt very easy to play on bc the quality is wayyyy downnnn. but its better than having NO guitar. so if it cost more than u have to fix ur guitar then just buy it.
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I'd get your fixed... or try and get a cheap pacifica.

Pacificas are excellent guitars in their own right. If you're going to buy a cheap guitar, get a pacifica.
I don't care for the Squier Bullet. I would maybe recomend one as a starter guitar but for a gig, No. What kind of guitar and amp do you use now? What is wrong with your guitar? If you have a nice guitar I wouldn't buy a new one just get the old one fixed. If you really need a new guitar check the local music shops and pawn shops for a better used guitar in your price range. If you can't find anything can you borrow a guitar just for the gig? This way you can save for a better choice or wait to get the broken one fixed.

If you're in a punk band then yes
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Im sure with the money you would be spending on the squier, you could pay a shop to fix your guitar. Whats wrong with your guitar?
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Why can't you just borrow a guitar off of someone?
and what happened to your currnt guitar?
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I have a Standard Strat...and It's alright, but i think the bullet is alot worse than even the affinity...that's what it sounds like anyway.
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not bullet, affintiy strats or maybe a tele.

Or pacifica but i prefer squiers
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get one of the new trem models, they are alot better than the old hardtails... and they have better finishes, i got lucky with mine, and it has a basswood body so it has that going for it, also has great action, and the trem stays in tune... i think i probably got the best one out there, but if they are all like this then i would recommend it
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i say try and borrow a friends guitar, thats what i would do
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