just wondering, i have an Ibanez RG27SP (limited edition), worth about 600-800 new. i got it signed by Zakk Wylde and his band (Black Label Society), then a couple of months later, from the guitarists from Lamb of God, just wondering, how much would you pay? no im not looking to sell, just curious
It having signatures doesn't make the sound nor the playability better... 600? Dunno how old it is.
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i bought it about 3 years ago, was signed by black label society in september 06. you're right, sound etc no better, but still a good collectors item
Signatures only really worth increase value when it belongs to someone HUGE or dead, like Elvis for example.
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if your a guitarist then zakk wylde is pretty huge wouldn't you say? i mean look at all the endorsements he has. they dont give you endorsements unless your big enough to be able to sell them just because your name is on them.

how much would i pay tho? not interested really, signatures are more sentimental for me. remind me of being there rather than paying to get one. someone will prob pay for it tho
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It's still very cool, and a great guitar for any lamb of god lovers. If it's worth 700 new, I would probably pay 800 if that was the asking price, perhaps more.
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yeah, to me zakk wylde is HUGE! seeing him live makes u see just how good he really is, he's an amazing guitarist and will definately go down in history for it, alraedy has but still, more so
I'd pay 450... They're not people I worship!

If it was signed by other people (that I like) I'd pay a ****load probably!
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Keep it. dont play it, it will be worth 1000's if zakk or LOG splits, LOl
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yeah i dont play it, used to tho, but still near perfect condition. but does have a small paint chip, u can see it on the pic on my profile, but other than that its fine