Christmas is approaching and i am in need of a new amp. I can't go above £100, but so far my options seem to be a Vox AD15VT, a Roland Cube 20x, or a Line 6 Spider III.

I play metal exclusively, Black Metal to be specific, and i require an amp that can cope well with lots of high gain distortion, but nothing that adds any unwanted bass like i hear the mesa boogie amps do. In contrast, i'm also looking for an amp that can still produce a nice clean tone. Nothing fancy, just clear and clean.

In built effects aren't important, but i like to have some degree of sound shaping freedom.

I i could, i'd visit a music shop, but there are none where i live.

Thank you in advance.
ummm... that's alot to ask for that little price... i'd go with the cube... but i'm sure you'd be much happier with that mesa that you're knocking

EDIT: but you should really save and atleast double your budget if possible
take the vox.

btw, good going TS, yur gonna start another Line 6 flame thread. I applaud you. [golfclap]
How would the vox cope with high gain?

I've heard alot of people say that it isn't great for metal, especially the high gain stuff, but it has an excellent clean tone.

If it could deal with the distortion, then it would probably be the one.

I'm aware of a new high gain vox amp recently released, which is slightly more expensive, so maybe saving up a bit more isn't such a bad idea....
The Valvetronix isn't great for high-gain.
The Valvetronix XL is good, but the 15 watt one has a shoddy speaker.
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How do you mean shoddy?

It's a bit rattly, doesn't cope well with bass.
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I was thinking why it was shoddy...

For example, poor quality, volume issues, overly high treble/bass, muddy tone, rattling, flabs out at high volume levels, etc. I'm not sure about the XL though, so it could be anything.
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AH but im getting EMG's for christmas. EMG+BC Rich Beast = Metal.

EMG+BC Rich+crap amp=bad metal tone, unless you're playing through a good amp then neither EMGs or BC Rich will give you a good tone.
Are there any other amps that anyone could reccomend? I've still yet to make my mind up.
I'd go with the Cube if you play metal- the cleans on the Vox are nice, but to be honest, the cleans on the Cube are pretty good as well if you ask me, and the cube handles gain much better.
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Well you dont have much choice here..
Vox ADVT is great but not good for metal.
The Vox XL sounds like ass.
And the spider is just a no.
Im not sure if the Cube 20 has all teh effects etc. that make the Cube worthwile. If so, then go for the cube.