ok, i was just going to look this up later on tonight, but seeing as I want to know so I can start writing when I get home, if you guys could list off some frets where the Harmonics are natural. thanks in advance.
everywhere, just need to look for harmonic notes on the fretboard

3 4 5 7 9 12 15 17... and some more i believe
3, 5, 7 and 12. The NH on the 3rd fret is the most difficult to do, but it's the higher note. After that the 19, 24 and *somewhere after the neck pickup" sound the same as 7, 5 and 3, respectively. That is because of the length of the string - it is equal between the nut and the 5th fret, and the bridge and the 19th fret, as it is as with the 24th and the 5th; also the 3rd and the "somewhere after the neck pickup* thing Try it and you'll see its right.

I think it is enough for now.
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also on the 2nd, very hard to hit, but by far the craziest sounding
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OK, since no one can be bothered to click the link I posted:

12th fret:
* Sounds the same as the fretted note
* Sound an octave above the open string

7th or 19th fret:
Sounds an octave plus a perfect 5th above the open string

5th or 24th fret:
* Sounds 2 octaves above the open string

4th, 9th, or 16th fret:
Sounds 2 octaves plus a Major 3rd above the open string

3.2 (between 3rd and 4th, closer to the third):
Sounds 2 octaves plus a perfect 5th above the open string
* Sounds and octave higher than the harmonic at the 7th fret.

2.7 (between 2nd and 3d, closer tho 3d):
Sounds 2 octaves, plus a Minor 7th above the open string.
* Sounds 3 octaves, minus a major 2nd above the open string (Just think down a whole step from the open string, and it sounds 3 octaves higher than that.)

2.2 (between 2nd and 3d, closer to second):
* Sounds 3 octaves higher than the open string

2nd fret:
Sounds 3 octaves, plus a Major 2nd above the open string
* Sounds 3 octaves above the fretted note

1.8 (beetween 1st and 2nd, closer to 2nd)
* Sounds an octave higher than the 4th fret harmonic

When using harmonics, please consider the actual pitch, because if you just play random notes, it might end up sounding like ****.
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