So guys tell me

Fender vs Gibson.

and then

Squire vs. Epiphone.

Also guys help me please what do you think is better that i should buy.

Fender Start Upgrade or a Dan Electro?

Also is it trye that Dan Electro is a part of the John Hornby Screw productions?

Cos in their website it gives a list of what they own and they fallow as- Vintage, Encore, Falcon, DanElectro!?

Help me guys!
There's no way anyone can answer that question. Fender vs Gibson is a topic just asking for a mass flame fest among fanboys.

For what genres? What pricerange? What equipment do you have now?
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I think this should be in the electric guitar forum and there are allready too many of these topics in there.
Fender vs Gibson.

Personal taste. Both do excellect guitars.

However, Fender pwns the bass side hard.


Epiphone for guitars (bassed on other people's experiences) and squire by miles for basses.
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besides this thread being pointless (it doesnt really ask anything), it also seems to be asking about guitars. and this isnt the place for guitar talk, its for amps, pedals, pickups, and other accessories.