So my french class decided to do secret santa this year. I thought it was a dumb idea. What do you guys think? Would you go for secret santa in a school class, or agree with me-it's dumb.

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It can be dumb depending on who you have to buy for. We are also doing it, we have to guess who bought the gift for us after we get it and if we guess wrong we get to dare them to do anything. So i think its pretty wicked!
haha i think its a good laugh, the boys buy presents for the girls and the girls buy presents for the boys. Last year someone made a dildo out of clay and put that up for secret santa... lol
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i've only done it at work, and it was pretty fun, coz i got the same guy two years in a row....but sadly, i can't go this year coz i'm in college

other than that its stupid