What band uses power chords in the best way? What do you think?

My favourite suggestion is THE HIVES. There just SO insane - in a good way. They utilise the power chord brilliantly.

May I express at this point that the other day I injured myself scurrying to a radio that was playing Green Day. I hate Green Day as much as i hate George Bush (ironically.) i think they over-use the power chord.

Lets hear what you think then...
i like power chords, but a song can't be entirely power chords, just becuz mainly i am too lazy
I agree that power chords arent very technical or exciting - my favourite bands are muse and radiohead and power chords very rarely appear.

The Hives just bring a smile to your face though. So what they arent good musicians, they can write amazzing songs and be astonishing live to make up for it!