I'm getting fed up of picking up my guitar after learning a new song and just going all the way up and down the minor pentatonic scale time after time which sounds so generic and rubbish it's time i learnt how to solo properly, my finger accuracy and speed are overall not too bad, i certainly have the requirements in that aspect.

However my problem is i don't know how to come up with good licks, i mean like when you hear somebody do a demo of a pedal for example and they just pick up their guitar and play a nice bluesy jolly lick in the same key using the same scale as what i use, except there's is soo much better. I'd like to know how it's done, is their a pattern i should be following within the minor pentatonic to get good sounding licks? At the moment i just alternate pick the 2 notes on each string and give it the odd bend etc. how very dull i must say. Has anybody got a few good examples of some catchly licks using any scale?

i know that's the problem, i've practised the minor penatonic till my fingers have shed, it's really helped me improve my speed and dexterity i just need to move onto the next step, which is, what do i do with it?
think of interesting licks in your head, then try to replicate them on the guitar.
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a cool bluesy lick style i picked up on is where you play a string bend it, leave it bent, play another note, then hit the bent note again and return the bend. then just play some cool sounding thing to finsish it.


sounds cool and its easy