I just buy a new house and I'm currently seting up the basement to use it as a reheasal studio for the band. I'm kind of novice in all these sound equipement and would really apreciate some tips in getting the most out of our new studio.

So here's the stuff we use : 1 lead vocal mics, 2 back vocal mics, mixing board PS16, 2 Jbl PRX512M, 2 Marshall cabs 4x12, 2 Marshall JCM800, Behringner Compressor and a Huge Bassman amp.

Should I use the PRX512M as floor monitors for rehearsal or as speakers on stands ? If I use them as monitors, is there any difference between routing them out of the mixer as "MAIN SPK" or "CTRL ROOM" ? How should we position amps and cabs, I mean does it matter if the bass amp is not beside the drum kit, could it be in front and still getting in with the kick ? Is there anyway cheap way to reduce the sound of a drum ? What about 8" stage, could it reduced the overall sound of the drum or will it be worst ?

Well that a lot of questions and I got plenty more but if some of you guys could answer a couple of them it will already be a good start for us...

You guys do realise that there's a difference between a rehearsal studio and a recording studio, right? I know this is 'riffs and recordings' so it can be confusing (I'm not trying to be patronizing here. I generally see the confusion) but he did specifically say it's a rehearsal studio, and never mentioned anything about recording.

I know nothing about your mixer or speakers, but there's a couple ways you could go at it with the speakers. One way would be to use one speaker as a monitor for the band, and the other speaker as a monitor for your singer. So, you would set up the band speaker on a stand and mix your backing vocals a bit hotter than your lead vocals. You'll be able to hear the lead, but also hear yourselves. You'll want to adjust this to taste though. Then run a different mix out to the Singers speaker, which you can put on the floor facing up at him/her. They'll probably want mostly their own vocals coming out of this, but they might want to hear the backing vocals too. Once again, you'll just have to mix this to taste. You should have some sort of Auxiliary outputs on your board, so use those for one speaker, and use the main mix output for the other speaker. It doesn't really matter which output you use for which speaker. Just make sure that you know what you're using. If you don't have aux outputs, perhaps there's seperate volume controls for each channel for the CTRL ROOM output? Whatever the case may be, there should be a way to get two different mixes coming to each speaker. If this doesn't help, it would help me if you could tell me who makes the mixer, so I can find a drawing of it somewhere in order to give you more specific instructions. I did a google search for it, but it came up with nothing.
Sorry for the confusion guys but I really mean "rehersal studio". No recording thing, a least not for now. Thank for the advices "big crouton" and here is the mixer model : Phonic Station 16... And really where's the best place for the bass amp, is it beside the drum kit ?... thank again !
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