Sorry but there are more songs to add to this thread...especially the relatively simple Nice Dream by Radio Head
I'm going to ignore the fact that this is the wrong place to file a complaint of any sort...

But there are probably a hundred threads asking what song to play for what function, feeling, mood, audience, whatever...including the "what song" sticky at the top of the forum page. Use the search function if you need more suggestions.

There are plenty of threads to get suggestions for song, and at this point its pretty pointless to keep a thread created today when the same question has been asked ten times in the past two weeks.

oh, and reported.

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hold your horses bro...why so heavy.....i'm talking guitars not complaining.....time to leave this site i think if the moderators are downers
and do you never think that there are new comers to guitar that want to ask a question that's been asked a million times...they should be encouraged
and if that is your attitude...why don't you complain about the constant stream of what acoustic should I buy.......I don't and you know why.....because a question asked a thousand times is new when you don't know the answer
Don't worry about it.

I suggest you take a look in the 'what songs' thread near the top of the acoustic forum page. It has just about everything you need.

In the future though, you should know re-starting closed threads will end you up with a warning. If a mod does close it, it's because its been done before. Do a seacrh and yuo'll find plently

For example: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=392452&highlight=mellow
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I think you're taking what I said the wrong way, and I'm sorry for that. I wasn't attacking you. I was probably being a bit blunt, but I was explaining to you why those particular threads are closed.

The "which guitar" threads are a little different. Circumstances for each person are fairly unique, and the selection of quality acoustic guitars is much more concise than the possibilities of songs. Additionally, there is much more substance behind "which guitar" threads. A lot more information is disseminated then in the "what song" threads when half of the replies are smart ass and most of the replies are just song names.

Finally, when it comes to the "which guitar" threads, if it fits the parameters of the stickies (such as the "best guitars for under $300), the thread will also be closed. Also, regulars of the forum will direct people to completed threads if they think the information would be helpful to users in similar circumstances. Here are a couple of threads that show that:


Both of those threads have a lot of information, and instead of posting new threads, users asked questions there. The first one in particular was almost a year old when someone resurrected the thread to ask a particular and relevant question about the guitar. It is also obvious the search bar was used to find it.

So thats where I'm coming from. Jimtaka is the moderator for this part of UG, and he is awesome. He is definitely fair and impartial with the way he controls the forum. If he does decide to close this thread, it won't mean anything for you. Everyone has had one of their threads closed for one reason or another.

EDIT: I forgot a word, it should make more sense now.

Partscaster/Tele into a bunch of pedals, a Maz 18 head, and a Z Best cab.
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ok cheers..I didn't know that.....doesn't explain the what acoustic though?????
think I'll leave anyway...this site is a bit heavy..
I've never had a thread closed... *grooves*

I dunno, I think this site is really helpful providing you follow the rules, and I'm pretty sure there's a rule up saying that "which song" threads will be closed and redirected to the "definitive song thread" or the search button. I've been coming here over a year and in just that short time I've seen enough "what song" threads to potentially list every guitar song ever written twice.

It's different if it's asking about buying a new guitar, because that's a major investment and like Bard said, there's a lot more info changing hands because of the myrid of circumstances involved, and everyone's different in that respect. Learning a new song doesn't cost anything and if you learn a song and hate it, it's as simple as just not playing that song/learning a new one. It's tons different when you're talking about buying a guitar.

Just read and respect the rules *shrug*. Outside of that this is a pretty cool place
geejammer, i'm sorry that you felt a thread was closed too early. i'm not certain exactly which thread you are referring to, but i suspect it is this one. although the reasons have already been highlighted by some other users in this thread, i'll reiterate them just to avoid confusion.

i typically close threads that ask a general "what songs are good for acoustics" question. if the thread has a combination of very specific details regarding the request (i.e. style, era, difficulty, effects, situations, artist), i will leave it open. when a new thread is made that asks the exact same question that has been asked several times a week since the inception of the forum, i will close it.

a quick search for the word "songs" in the Acoustic & Classical forum turns up the following threads:


as you can see, many of these are open and many are closed. if you look through the closed threads and the open threads, i think you will get a clear grasp of what is generally closed. the reason that i choose to close threads that ask the exact same question that has been asked time and time again is simple: they aren't needed. if there have already been several hundred threads asking the same question, chances are pretty good that the question has been sufficiently answered from time to time i will allow one general what songs thread to stay open for a while just to get any new input. i realize that music is always being made and discovered and that over time new suggestions do arise. that's a great thing, but i don't deem it necessary to test this theory six times a day. once a month or so seems plenty, otherwise the threads clutter up the forum and push other, more specific threads off the first page. it's not fair to the people with unique and interesting questions to have their threads overlooked because of run-of-the-mill "what songs" threads.

as for your comparison between "what guitar" threads and "what songs" threads, they are treated the same way. if someone asks the question, "what guitar for under 300 USD," they are pointed to the sticky thread that covers this question. typically a "what guitar" thread is unique, however. people have different playing styles, different budgets, different tastes, different locations and thus availabilities. when "what guitar" threads are created that highlight combinations of specific details, just like similar "what songs" threads, they are left open.

new users are always encouraged to join in the conversation, especially in Acoustic & Classical. i assure you that forum regulars make up a very small minority of the users around here. i know that i speak for everyone when i say that no one intended to be "downers" or "heavy." i don't feel that those are very accurate descriptions of this forum, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. i'd be more than happy to address/discuss with anyone any questions or suggestions that he/she may have regarding maintaining the forum.

i'm actually going to leave this thread open. i'm always open to opinions and suggestions on how to better run the forum. in fact, there is a sticky thread right now titled "We Summon Thee" that poses this very question. i'm always more than happy to address/discuss with anyone any questions or suggestions he/she may have about the way the forum is run and maintained.
^^^^ And that is what makes the acoustic forum the best forum on UG.

Most of the other parts aren't so lenient and open. That and the fact that everyone knows acoustic guitars are cooler...lol