hey, i just brought a Dean Explosion Razorback V 255 with an emg set
for £700 (hardcase included)

was it worth it?

if you like it
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Sorry my own opinion of them is "ARRRG! HORRIBLE" but if it suits you and plays nice, nice buy (y)
Honestly, u paid for the paintjob more than anything. And from what i heard, it doesnt exactly look too great. I wouldve rather gotten a CFH-style ML.
it looks better then my ibanez's lol

its got great action and everything, it stays in tune great
I'm not a fan of Razorbacks or the Vs, they're too 'style over substance' imo
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They sound good, but I think they look like ass.
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$1400 for a guitar that has a LFR and is set neck not neck-thru seems ridiculous to me. Plus it's ugly...