I've talked to my parents, they said they'd let me get a new guitar for Christmas. I asked about price and whatnot, so this is what i've come to so far in terms of what I want.

$600 max, possibly stretchable by $100 or so. I preferably want alder or mahogany. Something decent sized, that will feel full in my hands. Comfortability is the main aspect, so something with a nice neck. I want a humbucker in the bridge, so either HSS, HH, HSH, ect.

Sound. What i'm looking for when it comes to tone is something balanced for most types of rock music. Metal, classic rock, modern rock, ect.

I was looking into a Fat Strat, maybe a Showmaster Strat. I also saw this: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Fender-Deluxe-Fat-Strat-HSS-Electric-Guitar?sku=510477
ha i was looking at that exact same strat.. it's pretty sweet.
the other mex is nice too, the sunburst w/ the pearl pickguard.
i'd say stick with the hss strat.
I'm pretty sure i'll end upw ith a strat, I just dont know which one. The Standard Fat Strat, Deluxe, or the Showmaster.
the showmaster is amazing, and mite i suggest a jackson dinky. awesome for metal
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ive heard that you can get highway one strats for 500 at gutiar center if you bargain right.
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Get a standard fat strat, that way you have some money left to buy some effects or
But which one do you like more?
Fat Strats are nice but personally I don't think they can compare to an Epiphone Les Paul, which usually retail for about $350-$400. True they don't have tremolo :-( but when you pair it up with a good amp it can really crunch! They're certainly as good as the high priced Gibson models if that means anything to you.

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Quote by seizetheday1103
the showmaster is amazing, and mite i suggest a jackson dinky. awesome for metal


Yeah the dinky's rock - just don't go lower then the MG series.
I would also suggest a jackson kelly KE3 - it's what I'm saving up for*.

*: yes I did try one out, and it was in short - F U C K I N G amazing!

Hope this helps !