Hey everyone.

So a few moments a ago i saw a video on youtube of Yngwie performing "Evil Eye" and i have to say, it kinda blew my mind. That song is just beyond words.

Anyways i was wondering if anyone could recommend some of Malmsteen's (or other artists/bands) songs that would be similar "Evil Eye" kinda of the more heavy stuff that he does.

This request may sound weird but i hope to get atleast some sort of reply, until then im gonna go listen to "Evil Eye" over and over and over again.

well, the album "Rising Force" is pretty awesome, but after listening to the whole thing at once i cant listen to yngwie anymore for a while...

i do think that when he performed "Evil Eye" on the G3 tour (on the DVD), that was pretty damn kickass.
Black Star, Blitzkreig and Far Beyond the sun will be up your alley although obviously the songs are different to evil eye as thered be little point in having songs that sound the same.
Icarcus Dream Suite
Guardian Angel is a must hear
I am a Viking

Other artists worth a listen
Jason Becker: Altitudes, Opus Pocus
Marty Friedman: Rio
Frank Zappa's not dead. He just smells funny.