hey yall, had a question. right now i have a MIM strat that i like but have been searching around and thinking about gettin a new guitar. ive been lookin for something that is a little better suited for playin metal and heavy stuff like that. so my question is would it be worth my while to do some upgrades to my strat and make it suited for metal with new pups and stuff, or should i just go ahead and start saving for a new guitar?
whats your price budget?? if your going around 600 get an epiphone LP custom. any higher lookup a schecter. less than 600 lookup any other epiphones.
my budget would be up in the air as of now. im in college right now and just got a job, which im only gonna be able to put a fraction of towards a new guitar, but im willing to save for a while for a new guitar, but not willing to really go higher that $1000... which will take me months to save for haha