Hey guy's. Ive been a guitar player for about 2 years now and im big into metal.

I've just came across $ 270.00 and im looking to purchase a new pedal which would give me the bad ass distortion of bands like:

>Amon Amarth
>Six Feet Under
>Satyricon(Volcano album)

Yes i know this may seem like a wide variety of sounds but take into consideration $270.00 could get me 2 maybe 3 pedals if i go to the right places.

Any suggestions are appreciated.
save for a 5150 or
its probably the best distoriton pedal money can buy
I know a Boss MT-2 will give you badass distortion and can give you a wide range of it; tune it to your liking.

I've gotten a Burzum tone as well as a brutal death tone with it and my Randall stack
what kinda amp do you have now? guitar? if you have a cheeper amp look around for 5150, if you dont want a halfstack they do make a combo. if you have a good amp but a crappy guitar, look at schecters and high end ltds. as for pedals, metal muff is pretty good i may get flamed for this but if your good at tweaking stuff the uber metal isnt that bad.
At the moment i have a Jackson Rhoads , and a Washburn Oscar Schmidt. As for amps I have an old Peavy amp (used to be my dads) which is 50 watt. I also have a 100 watt tube Randall RG100.
your best bet would be to dig up one of those old ART SGX 2000 effect boxes
they run about $100 to $150 and can make some of the most extreme distortion sounds ive ever heard (if you crank the right knobs a bit)
EHX METAL MUFF one of the best distortions out there and its wayy better than a mt-2 and cheaper and it also has a boost button on there for teh brootol soloz
I would get either the "SansAmp GT"2 for $189 or the "Box of Metal" for $299.
I really like the tones i can get out of my metal muff + bad monkey boosting it. Although i don't really use the metal muff's eq cause i don't really like the mid frequency that it is able to cut or boost. Another thing is this http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Damage-Control-Solid-Metal-Dual-Tube-Distortion-Pedal?sku=154702 .From the sound clips it sounds really good and tubes in it is a plus so that might do it for ya.
Get a DOD grunge pedal

Totally underrated metal pedal, it's heavier then most of the stuff labeled as "metal".