I wrote this last night after having this riff for awhile and never used it so i thought i might make it into something that could become a better song when its finished.

Its in my Profile the song is called Simple Song

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Solid theme, I like the melody of it. But the guitars seemed out of tune with each other when you had two guitars doing chords. It seemed a little rough around the edges, like an occasional fret buzz, but nothing major. Also, if felt like there needed to be more. Like chords under the melody or maybe just a little 'bigger' in general.
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Nice but as in so many of these songs, I need vocals, like some kind of "the mars volta" vocals, if you know them.. listen to "The mars volta - televators" this is sorta like that one, if you work on this with drums and melody and effects, it can get really nice and bigger like spay said above... but good work.. start singing

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