Well today, I was practicing like I do. Religiously.

Then I decided to improvise for a while like I do.

There is another guitarist in the house too and we jam sometimes and have a laugh. My other house mate said something thats cut me real deep.

"Dizzy, you are an amazing guitarist. You are in technique, so much better than Jack. However, I dont see you enjoying the music you create. You dont play with feeling. Everything you play is over technical."

Blah blah blah.

Basically, he told me that I am not musical. That I have no musicallity or feeling when I play. Im quite annoyed by it because I do enjoy playing.

"Its really sad to see someone like you not put feeling into your music. Like now, you are concentrating so much on the technique you have lost the soul of the piece."

.... I was hurt by that because I thought Id captured the essence of the piece.

I practice so much technique. I barely learn songs but I write a shed load of stuff. Everything I write and improvise is overly technical.

Could I have lost my musical soul?

I maybe over thinking it all but when someone tells you that you have no feeling or musicallity. It hurts.

What do I do? He didnt offer any advice on what I should do. I actually thought I was a good musician. People kept telling me I was but I never believed them, and now that I have started to, Ive lost all faith in my playing.
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One way is when you're playing, don't actually think about playing. Just let your fingers play whatever they feel like playing, and it will be full of true feeling. It's kind of hard to understand, but when you do, it'll work.
Well, if you say that you have feeling i guess you do, because he can only tell you that you are technically, not that you have lost thej feeling, that is something only you can feel.

But if you thik he is right and you actually play more technically than musically maybe you should slow down your speed or what ever. Play blues that is very good to get a feeling for what you play!
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^I'm sorry, but my fingers don't think. Unless he was in your mind thinking your thoughts, how does he know how you felt? if you enjoy how and what you play, that is what matters.
he's not saying your a bad musician, he's just saying you put too much focus on being technical. take a step back and listen to your self when you play. its not about you being a bad musician its about to much focus on one aspect of your playing.
I've known people with the same problem. It's a weird thing to explain. You can tell it with some people. I'd just try and get more feeling but its one persons opinion so don't take it so harshly
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Its not what you play, its how you play it. You shouldn't let one guys comments put you off though, you really gotta do it for yourself.. Play what you want, if people like it good, if they don't, too bad.

Take it as a learning curve.

My advice would be to get into the real passionate players that really rock(ed), all of which happened to have a blues side Like Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan. Check out Joe Bonamassa and Philip Sayce for modern examples too. Not only that, but broaden your horizons musically with constantly checking out new bands and artists, irrelevant of genre.

And Don't write a piece for the sake of writing a technical piece, put a story with it. Yeah, it may be cool to watch someone shred and wail for all of what, 15 seconds? More than that I'd get bored ****less.
Thank you for all the advice.

I know I concentrate a lot on technique because I feel it helps me convey what I want to convey musically.

I just didnt know I sounded so technical.
Sat in a lab, curing diseases. They actually LET me play with chemicals!
try learning songs
emotional and not exactly hard ones
you decide what is and isn't hard for you
they don't even need to be that emotional

I mean take smells like teen spirit - by just how someone plays the first 4 chords you can say a lot about his musicianship
it's because the left hand part is primitive, but the groove, the essence of music itself is in the movement of the right hand
it shows a lot about the feel
maybe you should start realizing how different approaches give completely different moods

and learn immortality by pearl jam :P
I think i know what your talking about. I knew a guitar player like that. All i can say is, when your improvising, don't plan it out so much (im not saying you do, im just going off my expierences with this guitar player i know), just play, and while your playing, if you see a good opportunity to bring out something you practiced, stick it in there on the fly. Musical soul is hard to explain, its something you KNOW you have. Its the ability to take three measely chords, and make them a complete song. Keep it simple, be expressive (bend a little slower to get that orgasmic kind of suspense of reaching the target note), and let the music move you.
Just slow down. Playing super-technical stuff has its time and place, and it's cool for showing off. But if you're trying to sound soulful and emotive, it's not gonna work. Think of it like this. Each note you play is supposed to mean something. Therefore, each extra note you fit in the same amount of time is going to mean less. Fast runs and shreddy techniques are good and can help express what you're trying to say, but if overused they can take away from it as well.

My approach is to hear the chords I'm playing over, sing in my head an approximation of some sort of melody I'd play over it, and then play whatever I'm thinking. That way your solos are more and expressive and they "talk", because you're thinking of it from a singer's approach.
its all about what you feel when youre playing something, if you feel while youre playing youre fine, who cares if its technical, its just another way of expressing what youre feeling at that moment, so i really wouldnt worry about it
we'll just focus on getting the sound you want, not using certain techniques. if it does does involve technique though then use it, you shouldn't waste good technique.
another thing don't let people tell you what kind of music to play. you don't have to play bluesy to play with emotion.
-Slap your friend for telling you that!

Edit: I'll be a little more transpicuous.

Your friend is telling you to slow down in order to bring forth your emotional and probably your artistic side but he seems to forget that art can have many forms and contain a variety of emotions.

Technique and melody doesn't have to be two different things, lad!
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The advice I will add to that offered by the others not necessarily pertaining directly to you but inspired by your situation -

If you plan on pursuing music, or any art, grow yourself a very thick skin. I don't care what you play, there will be detractors. The truer you are, the more you bare yourself to the world with your music, the harsher they will be to you.

Music is not a path for the weak - and you have two ways of dealing with it. You can attempt to tough it out, show them they are wrong, please everybody, and eventually self destruct.

Or you can abandon your ego and create.

This is not something I can tell you, but something you must realize for yourself before you can truly start. Still, you will never completely succeed; your ego will grow more insidious, manifest itself in more subtle ways; it will never stop tormenting your art. Just the same, the more you accept, the more you learn, more bottomless music's potential appears to you.

When someone says something about what you have made, consider it with care. Attempt with all your control to honestly appraise yourself through their lens - then decide what you should do about it. Practice, or let it be.

Through all this never lose sight of music - don't conform it to other's expectations or preconcieved notions of what is right. Do not ignore these; they are free knowledge, after all, but do not let them bound you.

Always remember that sometimes we get so caught up in ourselves that we don't realize that the clearest criticisms come from those who do not have the disadvantage of playing to cloud their listening. Never discount a critic because of apparent lack of knowledge or terminology.
^ again, why do i even come to these threads anymore. you totally and completely beat me to the punchline Nick DAMN YOU!!!! (j/k man) but really though Nick is right. i have a friend that used to call me a robot, he didn't get the feeling i was putting into my music mainly because he's not really into metal and fast solos or really alot of the stuff i put in my music, he's a punk/cbgb kinda guy, to him if you're using more than 4 chords you're putting to much into a song. but thats him, not me..... i do have other friends who enjoy greatly the music i write and can relate to it. don't let your friends opinion of your playing influence how it sounds because they can't see the musicality of it or can't relate to it. it's his opinion and he's entitled to it. but in the end only you really know if you're putting feeling into it.
Don't let him tell you what you feel. If you feel like you're representing the song and putting yourself into it, tell him to shove it because he isn't in your head.
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