I've been a fan of the genre for a long time and I was wondering if anyone else was. It seems to be an esoteric genre. I've tried to look for guitar tabs on this site and they weren't any.

I like: Beat Circus, Emilie Autumn, the Dresden Dolls, Balkan Beat Box, Humanwine, the Deadfly Ensemble, Voltaire, Regina Spektor (Soviet Kitsch album), Reverend Glasseye, Raspuntina, Sex Gang Children, My Chemical Romance (I flipped when I heard "Mama" and "Blood." It was unexpected from them )

Just getting into this genre and I've discovered Voltaire, Dresden Dolls and Rasputina. I'm really a big fan of the piano and various string instruments.
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resurrecting a dead thread. one of my solo projects i've been doing since high school has a very gothic americana feel. it's closer to Burn Witch Burn than Reverend Glasseye though. but i loooove dark cabaret. apparently there's a 2 disc compilation out called Rodentia with all the big gothic folk ... folks on it haha.
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I love the dresden dolls and to be honest it seemed like not htat many people knew about rasputina. i have Cabin Fever and Frustration Plantation and they're both great albums.