hey guys. this is a song made by my uncle, with me doing a solo section starting in the middle of the song through to the end. this is just the best of a couple improvised run throughs, not completely finished. looking for some general opinions/crit on tone, technique, dynamics, whatever before we edit it down or retake it.
song is in my profile, c4c
it should be called exotica / electronica It has a electronic feel from the solo starts and throughout the song... It's pretty progressive which is good.. I dont really have anything to say about the tone or production itself or anything, it just as it should be I think.. Maybe try to make a little variation on the percussion.. Could work out great.. Overall a very nice song which gives me a good feel and makes me wanna listen to the whole thing..

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I think Angels is most you
Textures - greatest band ever
Oh and btw, the ending could be better, I think a long fade out would just do it, or maybe just fade everything exept the percussion, and then having them fade out a little later.. Just an idea
Textures - greatest band ever
thanks for the crits guys, yah the ending solo will likely be shortened somewhat and will have the underlying parts continuing on afterwards then fading out. in terms of knowing what to keep, improve and lose entirely, is there any particular sections of the end solo that stand out, good or bad, for you guys?
Thanks for the crit

It has an electronic feel from the solo starts and through out the song. Not much i can say about this one, but change up the drums every once in awhile that should be better off.

overall good job with it!
That was really cool. The electronic beat and melodies made the song really chill and laid back. The lead tone was really smooth and well done, and the use of pinch harmonics and legato runs made it interesting to listen to. Sounds pretty damn nice for improv. It is a bit on the long side, but as you said, it's going to be shortened, so really there aren't any complaints here.

Nice work.
critting as i listen.

this intro is really...island like lol. i think of islands, its exotic, like the title haha.
i like when the guitar, or maybe theyre synths?, come in, very melodic.
almost creepy, but still beautiful.
its getting a little repetitive. but the real solo that comes in is great.
nice improv. honestly, thats how i do all my solos so i really couldnt play the same one more than once haha.
i like the fast runs at the end too.,

overall, nice job
I enjoyed it. I think your playing made it though. Without decent soloing it would have been more apparent that this is essentially a 1-4-5 blues arrangement with some non-blues style percussion.

Not that there's anything wrong with that - some of my favorite tunes are 1-4-5 blues tunes!

I like your tone - but personally I'd have probably tried for something with a little less high/mid in the EQ and perhaps a little more-compressed/less-distorted. But- that's totally subjective opinion.

Other than your excellent playing though - I think the drums need significantly more variation and with a 6 minute song, I think the bass line could've gotten a little busier here and there too.
Pretty laid back stuff. I liked it all musically but it was long but the solo had some nice twist and unexpected turns...very nice. There was only a couple flat notes past the middle of the solo. I suspect a note that wasnt bent all the way. I would also clip off the end of the solo (about where you take a slight break) a little earlier and fade out.

Good stuff.
If you check my profile song please leave a comment on any part.....THANKS!!!