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which one do you think is the best speaker for metal beucase im not much of a speaker person so i dont know
vintage 30 or hellatone 60, but its basically the same speaker. i dont see why you would need to spend extra on the hellatone, when you will eventually break in your v30. (The hellatone 60 is basically a "broken-in" vintage 30)
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I like my Vintage 30s as well. Very clear and crisp. Plus a lot of Bass with the right sized cab
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Yeah the Vintage 30 is a good metal speaker. But if you want something with less of a spike and cleaner and scooped mids, check out the G12-75T, also a great metal speaker.
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the hot100s(g12t100) are great. like a g12t75, with mids. a lot of guys like the v-30 g12t75 mix, or the v-30 g12h30 mix. you just gotta' experiment.
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a lot of guys like the v-30 g12t75 mix,


Best celestion combo for rock & metal IMO
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