I am a self taught guitar player. I have played for almost a year now. I know a lot of songs, riffs, and a couple solo's. I can play Holy Wars pretty well. I just learnt A Tout Le Monde as well. I would just say that im an intermediate player. I need some help on where to go from here. I would like to learn more about music itself and breaking down chords into scales and such. Can anyone help me out with what to do now?

Take some theory classes or lessons from a respected instructor near your home town. If you have the discipline you can buy some books on guitar theory and teach your self. Another great thing to do is find other musicians to jam with. Often times you can learn more from your peers than anyone else. Try to seek band mates that know something you don't.

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Become a master of guitar scales

Find guitar lessons on the internet.
RTFSThan ask questions

And getting lessons from guitar teachers may not be the best option. Every teacher that any one of my friends has been taught by has known only the basic theory. That even included the private school guitar teachers. The internet is the source of all knowledge, as the greatest mind on the internet would say "lurk moar."
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I recommend you PlaneTalk. Google.
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I think a good next step would be to learn the pentatonic scale, so you can play up and down the neck. This will help you learn how to improvise and make writing your licks much easier.