This is a new song I'm writing that's just suppossed to sound really epic. It even starts out with waves lol. I'll probrably finish it within the next few days, but this is what I have so far. Any suggestion are welcome. C4C.

P.S. You have to turn the "Let Ring" option on for the two classical acoustic guitars. I turned it on, but it doesn't stay on when I upload it for some reason. Thanks.

Edit: Final product is now up.
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i throughly enjoyed it.. aka if it was recorded id dig it.

Be patient, I don't get recording gear till christmas.....
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Hah can't go wrong with a seashore!
But very good man, it's great to see another person turn to the epic stuff!
I was expecting a big bang when the drums came in, but I was surprised hah, it coulda gone either way, but I'd say stick with the drums build up like you have already.
Also if you had the guitars play what the keyboards playin (later in the song of course) and just make it really intense...gah that was a horrible explanation haha, when I have time I'll try and tab out what i'm thinking
But otherwise great job!
it's like, beautiful.

I wanna go save the whales or something after listening to it.
moving sir, truly moving.
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one of teh first decent things ive heard on here in months, this place has gone downhill badly lately. but that was great, just watch out for clashes between your chords and your lead trem picking as i picked out some harsh parts.
a great start so far

really likeed it, definatley epic

and i think it was fine with out the let ring
[when listening to it i pictured what might come next and tabed it out]

just an idea, you might like it

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Update's in my first post.

I added a TON of stuff. But I need some help with my transitions. I'm just not satisified with some of them, to be honest. If anyone has any tips, let me know.
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man dude, one of these days you need to write a complete song

Intro was pretty with the seashore and the organ and all the keyboards fading in. The acoustic part is great but in bar 44 I think you should change that last note from a D# to a B. It just fit better beacuse the chord behind it wasn't one suited for E harmonic minor, which is the scale you were using there. I really loved the acoustic stuff afterwards when it's just the acoustics and the seashore. It just sounds so damn atmospheric and wonderful. You should have turned up the seashore volume a little bit from 49 to bar 64 so you can actually hear itin the background.

Despite the fact that the riff at bar 67 is friggin awesome, I just feel like I've heard it somewhere before, like in a power metal song or something. The riff afterwards was good too. I really liked the part at bar 85, but the D#5 power chord at the end of bars 88 and 92 kinda ruined it for me. Try using a different chord there or just paly the D5 twice instead of only once and then going up to the D#5. The lead part was sweet though. The drums also worked well here. They kind of built up and then busted in with the double bass. Everything up until bar 158 is pretty much flawless .

Once it got to bar 158, I really didn't like the keyboard part on track 4. It sounded good but that tone of the keyboard just made me want to turn it off. Although I know that in real life on a real keyboard it'd probably sound a million times better. Good luck finding a keyboard pleyer who can play those sweeps afterwards though haha.

Solo at bar 185 was good but I didn't really like the fact that it was too simple. I didn't like bars 186-189 very much. It was basically just a simple pentatonic scale run and a few simple rhythm notes. The little sweep part afterwards was good though. I didn't really like bar 191 either though. Sorry, I'm just really picky about solos. When I write/ play one, I make sure every single note counts. I also try to do stuff a little more creative then just going up and down a scale. Like I'll skip certain notes on purpose or I'll use like a major seventh arpeggio or something liek that just to make the licks more colorful.

The part at bar 205 was amazing. It reminded me of like a magical forest or something lol. I really liked it though . The acoustic and the piano following it were great also. The next riff is great also, but once it got to bar 255, it started to feel like it was dragging on a little. IMO, that's the worst thing you can do to a song; mae it to long or have a filler riff or something that would cause the listener to lose interest. So IMO, you should end the song like right there or completely change the feel of the song like a different tempo. But I think your best bet would be to just end the song there, and just kind of build up to the ending so you end it epically haha.

Overall this is a really good song dude. The drums aren't amazing but they do their job well. The acoustics and pianos and pretty much everything else were great also. One thing you should also do is label certain sections of the tab, like just putting in Riff 1 or Riff 2 would make finding things a lot easier. Anyways, it's nice to see some good music back up in T&C again. Great job dude
that is awesome. (more detailed commetn later mabye
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Wow, where to start.

Bar 26 when the drums come in was awesome.
The acoustic guitar part was excellent, although in the last beat of bar 43 i was expecting to hear another high register note on the high E, like an A or something.

I'd also suggest taking down the volume on the Seashore effect, it was overpowering the acoustics during the wee solo thing.

I liked the riff, and the organ backing it up was perfect, i'd just cut down on the amount of tremolo picking you've got here in the guitar part.

There's some clashing in the two guitar parts starting at bar 85.

Awesome stuff yet again.
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oh sweet, i like this intro, this is really epic, seashore prefectly suits it
i also like the way the drums come in, that's really neet
OH! nice acoustic guitar bit, that's clever sounds kinda like something mexican, or like, from elizabethan times
haha sweet pick up with the alternative picking, the keyboard atmosphere is perfect, and the drums are really suiting
im liking these harmony solos too, this is neet, kinda reminds me of a melancholy version of angra
sweet arps at 167! i like how you use the rain instrument, nobody really uses that
ooh, 193 key change, good stuff
i like the chill at 205, elizabethan sounding again
oh man, 221 is beautiful, im really like this so far
246 , continuing with the epic chill, this is intense
i like the drum beat for the pick up after that, reminds me of like, angra and symphony x, maybe some dragon force
oh nice return to theme!
oh finally, on ething that i actually don't like, the ending, it definitly could've ended on the seashore again, but aside from that, this was freaking beautiful, definitly a 9.5/10, only because of the ending, you should really record this, I'd love to put it on my MP3 and listen to it over and over again haha
Well I like the seashore effect, the part after that sounds alot like Asturias, I dunno whether that was intentional or not, but it does, and its a good thing. The acoustic guitars are very fitting with the seashores, and the harmonies work well to set the mood. I'm unsure about the overdriven guitars as the song sounded really calming, but since this song is going to be long, I should imagine a few passage changes, so Its acceptable, They create a game like mood, and heres the solo, I like the theme, not many people seem to be writing solo's with themes on here atm, and theres the harmony, nice harmonies, used very well. The guitars seem alot like DragonForce, is that intentional? is it something you set out to do? Percussion fits in well, and adds an emphasis to the overall emotions of the song. I like this solo, again starts of with a nice theme, the a harmony, very video game like, Final Fantasy like to put it into context, I'm unsure about the blast beats with the percussion, now the Synth sweeping sounds awesome, thats a really nice part, you used the part of the synths very well throughout the song I see. Again yet another guitar solo, and just like the others, you havent overdone, kept it in great taste and not a shred off, and another harmony which I really like. The acoustic guitars are calming it down very well, and the lead part would sound interesting on a keyboard, the synth is pulling off a sweep arpeggio section again and it fits very well, sounds alot like a harp. I'm really enjoying the arpeggio melody, it fits very well, and now the Electric Guitars are back in and the heavy metal style percussion, very DragonForce here, surely you're attempting to sound like them in the way they harmonize and solo, because If you're not, well this song could pass off as a DragonForce song, and some nice tapping there, the Synths back in and creating a nice back drop for the rest of the song. Melodic guitar solo again, I'm really liking this song, its really, really good. The end of the song, but 8 bars left over for nothing lol, anyway this is a really good song

I liked the intro at first, but I had to skip most of the parts with the rain FX and the new age pad. I loved the acoustic part after.

Loved the part at bar 85

The solo was amazing. I liked the use of the... string arpeggios? Meh. It was still amazing.

Loved bar 205...

The riff at bar 229 is good, but I think you should let the chord in bar 232 ring out.

Those harmonies are amazing, lol.

Wow, there's more. I really thought it would end with those harmonies.

The tempo changes work really well. They didn't sound totally random.

Omg, back to this riff. I love this one, seriously

Overall, this was pretty amazing, but it got repetitive after a while. 9/10.
Wow. That was one of the best things I've heard off of here. Amazing stuff. I do think the ending would be much more epic if it returned to the sea shore again.
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killswitch engage has some dissonant riffs, they're kind grindcore tho

The very intro reminded me of the Final Fantasy 6 intro with the organ haha. The synth instruments sound cool but they get too repetitive in the beginning, you need to change it up a bit or cut some of it out. The acoustic guitars are cool, 49-64 is really good, there are some interesting rhythms and some good harmonization, and it sounds very busy, with a lot more complexity in the harmony then before.

The next part I didn't like as much, I mean it was good, but sounded too generic to me, though there were some interesting twists. Definatly an "epic" feel to it though. It is a little static harmonically but you do some interesting changes rhythmically, which was a nice addition to keep it from getting a bit boring.

The arrpegios at 167 reminded me of the band Muse and Matt Bellamy's keyboard playing. I like how in the solo sections you have multiple parts going on that fit together yet are different, unlike most pieces that just have a riff in the background while there is a solo.

I think at 257 it ends nicely and the next part seems to be thrown in there too forcefully. It is a nice little solo section, though I think it is a little too generic and does seem to be forced in there. The real ending doesn't seem to work as good, maybe you could switch them around a little. Overall though, great job.

Crit mine?
Dude. That is the definition of epic. It makes dream theater look like 2nd graders. All of your stuff is great and this one is truly a masterpiece. 12/10. Something to consider: This song is a story, and the only thing i didn't like in this story is when it ended on a short note. I want it to kind of spark my imagination and just trail off into the distance. I think the song would be great if you just had some fading out stuff and some rain/seashore going. Man that would be great. You have a gift man don't ever stop writing music because most likely its awesome no matter what. Thanks for the crit by the way. Mine seems like a piece of **** compared to that.
Quote by Telestar
Dude. That is the definition of epic. It makes dream theater look like 2nd graders. All of your stuff is great and this one is truly a masterpiece. 12/10. Something to consider: This song is a story, and the only thing i didn't like in this story is when it ended on a short note. I want it to kind of spark my imagination and just trail off into the distance. I think the song would be great if you just had some fading out stuff and some rain/seashore going. Man that would be great. You have a gift man don't ever stop writing music because most likely its awesome no matter what. Thanks for the crit by the way. Mine seems like a piece of **** compared to that.

Holy ****, thanks a ton, man, you have no idea how much that means....

I know what you mean about the end, but I was getting impatient, and I just wanted to finish it.

Your song isn't a piece of ****. It's just a different type of music.
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Dude that song was amazing. I loved the use of the acoustic guitars and all the different tunes and melodies going on at once. The way it all came together was incredible. It really was an incredibly epic song, from the intro to the 324th bar. Hell, even the blank space after bar 324 was epic.
10/10, you totally deserve it.
I agree with what's been said... Except for making Dream Theater look like 2nd graders. =P

The only thing that I didn't like about this song... Was the seashore. It was overpowering when instruments started coming in, and it seemed to last just a little too long. Other than that, it was a great song. 8/10
Man that was freaking amazing. The Intro was just awesome, and the acoustic following was great. (Critting as i go) When the guitars come in its pretty cool, bar 84 and so on where really good. Nice leads as well after it. Seems too drag on a bit, but lyrics will fix that, if its instrumental I'd add something in before bar 160. Don't get me wrong, it was still great. Nice acoustical later on and piano really went well. I don't think i need to say anymore. You really rock at these songs. I really envy your skills man.

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Well, I don't truly have anything to say that hasn't been said already. But, anyways, the tagging of this song as 'Epic' doesn't do it justice! Brilliantly thought out, it hardly ever seems repetetive the acoustics were nothing short of mindblowing, the solos = wowzers in mah trowzers, etc. etc. And speaking of solos, I have to give an honorable mention to the key change, that was just perfect!

The only problemos I have with this is the intro - it was maybe a *bit* to long (like I'm one to talk lol). When the tremolo picking comes in, it sounds subdued, with the backing effects drowning it out. During what I assume to be the chorus, the lead blends in a little too well. I tried muting to see what would happen, and honestly, not that much was missing. But! It sounds great nonetheless. One last thing; the keyboard solo was barely notable. I didn't even realize it was playing until I switched to the track.

All in all, stunning. Maybe it's just GP, but if the mixing becomes a bit more clear, this would be perfect.

I have a soft spot in my heart for all things epic, so yeah, great job dude. An easy 9.5/10
That was ****ing epic.

Very impressive song!

I don't think it needs a crit.
I really enjoyed it.

If you were to record this song, would it be instrumental, or have vocals like say...
Sonata Arctica?
Or Rhapsody?

Would you add me on msn?
I really want to have some talented writers to talk to.
It's on my profile.

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That was ****ing epic.

Very impressive song!

I don't think it needs a crit.
I really enjoyed it.

If you were to record this song, would it be instrumental, or have vocals like say...
Sonata Arctica?
Or Rhapsody?

Would you add me on msn?
I really want to have some talented writers to talk to.
It's on my profile.

~Loki <3

I add vocals to all the songs that I record. but I don't now if I'll ever get around to recording this one lol.

I would add you, but I don't have msn, and if I did get it I'd probrably never use it so yeah.

But you can talk to me on my profile whenever you want.
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thats ****in awesome man i really liked it. nice chord progressions all around

check out my latest song i just uploaded.
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thanks for the crit first up:

Really big fan of this opening, all meshes together perfectly, and the drums are used sparingly, which really helps heighten the anticipation. I have to say I was looking forward to a huge burst of distortion, but the acoustic work is nice and relaxing, and the two harmonise well.

Ah and here's our distortion - nicely worked into the song, but I'm not such a fan of the tremolo picked notes. The section beginning bar 85 is brilliant however, really well worked, and I love the rhythm parts where there is some tension in the chords...lovely. The first mini-solo at 113 wasn't bad, but a little understated for my tastes, would prefer to see some more bends and variation, although can understand why you've gone the simple route. And then there's that beautiful section (135) again - amazing. Also I like the way you've avoided standard power chords

Bridge is nice, and for once the sweeps make sense in the song (unlike mine usually). The tempo change works as well as can be expected in gpro, and the solo is much better this time round - and a very nice key change too, although I expected a bit more from the solo to be honest. The acoustic parts are your strong point I think, and this one works really well, the strings truly complement the rest of the instruments. The break at 246 sounds brilliant as well. Have to say I'm not fond of the next transition to distortion though, all just sounds a bit empty with that one lead guitar.

Another good, fast solo, although I'd prefer to see a bit more variation in that you start most phrases on the first note of the bar - change that and you've got a great solo. Beautiful transition again and I still cannot get enough of that section - really well written. It's a solid ending as well, but there could be a bit more of a final climax though.

Overall I truly believe you could have a great piece on your hands if you have a look at some of the lead guitar sections. Just muck about with the scales and try some less obvious techniques (stranger rhythmic divisions, slides and bends in odd places, and above all look at the phrasing). It's not by any means bad, but this would be what you need to make this truly brilliant. Good stuff though - enjoyed it
Really liked the keys intro and classical guitar. The main riff was fantastic, but I ended up skipping through some of it when it repeated again. The last few riffs where it speeds up are great though and redeem it a fair bit.

This is a beautiful song man. Only negative thing I've heard so far is the lead guitar bit before 176, I thought the riff got a little annoying/repititive.

WOW 205 is NICE man. I like how it builds up from there. The guitar riff is nice on top of the acoustic too.

Love the solo at 257. It's at like the perfect place, and its pretty shreddish.

I actually likes the abrupt ending in this song, I found that it went well with it, but, maybe add some seashore in there...

10/10 This is an amazing song,

c4c https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=803802
I like how you started it out with all those effects, though it dragged on quite a bit. I like the acoustic bits afterwards, good job utilizing the two different guitar parts. The distortion parts were good, though they were a bit clustered together at some parts. I like your harmonies. Not much to say for the rest of the distorted parts, great harmonies, it all sounded really good. I like the contrast between the two different guitar parts, though it was a little bit distracting at times. The calm part afterwards I wasn't so fond of. The solo afterwards was good but you should let the guitar breathe you know? I dunno, it may just be me but I like it when the fast bits are separated by periods of rest so to speak, calmer guitar parts where you just let the guitar sing. The rest of the song was good, same comments as before. The double bass was a little tiring after a while though.

Really good job!
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