Well this Sunday I'm heading to my local music store where they have an open jam where people bring in their guitars and idk, jam. I've never been, but when I drive by they have people on drums, piano, etc. It seems like a great time, but I'm a bit nervous. I'm guessing they just go around the room improving and stuff, but not only do I lack self confidence, there are many guys who've been playing for years, and I don't want to look like a fool.

Any pointers, tips, similar experiences??>
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keep it simple and just go along with whats happening dont try to force a new style from the current one and dont try to take control just relax and have fun with it, nobodys going to hate if you dont play well cause everybodys been at every skill level some point in time so they will more then understand if your only at a certain level
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Id say listen a bit, then try to see where u would shine among some of the others. Or maybe find a group of less experianced musicians and jam with them.
confidence is key, it will reflect in your playing big time. keep in mind, everyone there was a newb at one point in time. they probably went through the same thing you are right now. worse comes to wrose, have a drinnk or two to loosen up before oyu go
Just go for it and if you don't do great, don't let it get to your head. You'll most likely get respect for actually having the balls to get out there and do it.
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usualy people at music stores will either be real nice to you or ignore you...
but odn't walk in there like you're the best.
go in, watch people, compliment them, play, have fun, don't look cocky, let the compliments roll in

sounds like an awsome experience, don't chicken out and let it pass you by
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You'll most likely get respect for actually having the balls to get out there and do it.

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I'd say go in and sit a session out...then, decide for yourself if you would be comfertable playing with them.
hopefully they will be experienced and wont be dicks like one guy soloing nonstop

they will let you do leads, and trade off licks

really feel the music, and stay in key!
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Music Store jams are the shit. I remember when I went to a Berklee guitar workshop, everyone after classes would go to the music store across the street to jam in the acoustic section and i just had a blast.