Well i recently bought a guitar, and i am wondering where is a good starting learning point?
don't try to play hard stuff right away because you might get frustrated. it really depends on the music you listen to.

nirvana, blink 182 have a lot of novice songs if you're into alternative music.

if you're into blues or so, ask someone else.

starter books usually have a lot of helpful tips if you can getyour hand on one of those, you'll be in good shape.

in general, learn chords, and make sure your fundamentals are right, like you're holding the pick correctly.

also, make sure your hands dont hurt when you play
Yeah, start with chords and learning easy songs or parts you like that are easy and fun. It will hurt right away after a while if you start on acoustic but if you keep with it youll see alot of improvement. Sometimes youll feel like your getting nowhere but believe me you really are. Just make sure your practicing the RIGHT way and knowing what your doing wrong and how to fix it.

it may seems like a chore, but take it from some1 who quit taking lessons, THEY ARE WORTH IT

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^ i agree with GraceKim they are great vids.

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Chords - best place to start and also the quickest way to get somethig that sounds like music coming out of the thing.
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I found blink-182 a bit too fast for me to start with.
Nirvana , teen spirit is easier (4-power chords)

Learn what power chords are, they are found in many many many , rock/metal/lots of stuff songs

Also for you, I'd reccomend ''Guitar For Dummies'' , i think thats what Its called.

In 6 months or so, remind yourself what you were capable of when you started, and think of what you can do now, you will eventually see that you are making progress.

Hope that helped
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Learn to play blink 182's adam's song the intro to it helps make your fingers stronger.

UG Mods really have no sense of humour.....