im new to floyd rose bridges but when i do a full bend it pulls the bridge up causing the pitch to go down slightly, does this just happen or is mine too responsive?
You mean when you use the bar, it makes the bridge rise out of the body? If so, try tightening the springs in the back.
I'm not sure how a floyd works, but you have to tighten whatever makes it tight(I know, I'm really helpful)
A FR-style bridge needs balance. That's why they can be a bitch to set up if you're not used to them, but of course they're awesome when correctly set up.

The thing is, when you set up your FR, you match the spring tension to the string tension, to achieve that balance. If you change string gauges, the tension will change too, and you'll have to adjust the springs as well.

When you're bending, you increase the tension, which will cause the bridge to move a little. This shouldn't be a problem when bending one string, you'll learn to compensate for it. When doing unison bends, or bending one note to match another note, it can be a bit more tricky, but it's possible. The only real problem is if you're playing open strings together with the note you are bending.

But yeah, it's one of the disadvantages of having a Floyd Rose. Thankfully, there are lots of advantages too.