This is my first post, but I come here because my friend said this was a good site to get advice with guitars and equipment.

So I have a Schecter Diamond Series Griffin and a 75 watt Line-6 amp that I received for my birthday.
And I have about $700 possibly a bit more to buy a half stack with for the band I'm playing in.

I would describe my band's sound as metal.
Similar to Tool, yet with a grunge feel similar to Nirvana.

I was thinking of possibly buying this amp

Your advice is greatly appreciated.
I personally wouldn't buy either, for a good metal tone, go for a marshall JCM 900, or an JCM 800. Their all tube heads, about 500-600$ without a cab. But you can scoop the mids and get a great metal tone, You won't get anywhere near Adam jones, you would need two Diezels ( 4,000$ apiece) a mesa triple recto, a 1968 marshall bass amp, and thousands of effects, and adams hands.. but good luck man.
neither. I find that line 6 amps suck (or i personally think so) and Marshall MG's are just as bad. i would you do what korn_klown_14 said and go for a Marshall JCM 800 or 900. you'll need more $$, but it will be worth it in the long run.
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That 75w could be used. Thats exactly what i use for my band. Buy a tube amp if you want something better
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Both amps you're looking at suck.

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Ok, now think tube combo. With $700, you could get a 30-50W 1x12 tube combo that would blow your current amp out of the water in both volume and tone. The Traynor YCV series would be a good place to start looking. Maybe a Peavey XXX or a used Mesa F series.

Much better amps out there.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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i have a style simular to you, id look into used marshall jcm900s or dsl's, 800s are actually a tad expensive now adays, but id look into those, im not a big fan of peavy but the XXX might suit your style
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