Forgot To Breathe When I Blew Out The Birthday Candles - C4C

Crossing paths with stray black cats,
spilling salt under ladders.
Today must be my lucky day,
my mirrors have just shattered.

No sign of the horseshoe,
the hopping feet of the rabbit elude me.
And it just so happens,
this clover has but three leaves.

(The fourth has long withered&hellip

Find me a ritual.
one far from first star’s sight.
Without praying to the all powerful,
or wishing at four 1s in the night.

I seem to have lost my fortune,
my will to save it all.
I no longer desire to,
climb this endless wall.

(To send away the daylight owls&hellip

But by now I’ve stepped on enough cracks,
to send chills up the spine of the devil.
Don’t expect me to hold back,
from taking in the smoke to revel.

Fog shadowing the moon,
yet still as bright as Capella.
The tears rain in this room,
so I may just open the umbrella.

(Prevent the flood&hellip

The effects of chance,
have no effect on the wise.
The ones free of the trance,
able to see with more than their eyes.

My luck may be running out,
and my reflection is still fragmented.
But there’s no doubt,
I won’t allow my joy to be wasted.

(I am not blind&hellip
Mm, I like it. I like the references to traditional methods of superstition.

But in line six, maybe you could omit "hopping." It breaks the flow, and it's not really necessary.
There's only one girl in the world for you
and she probably lives in Tahiti.