Does anyone have any info or pics of Catania Carmelo guitars? If so please reply to this tab. I've got a Catania Carmelo 9RE archtop & I have to restore it so I need pics of the real thing. I searched online but only found 1 black & white photo, which is not helpful.
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Hi programer48,

Have just seen your posting. Just recently I have taken another look at my guitar which I have had since I was 15 years old - I am now 67 - and thought I would try t o find out something about the maker. Imagine my surprise to see your message. Unfortunately I don't think I can help much. Mine has the date 13.4.1952 on the label and has registration number 34506. I'd be grateful for any information I can get about it.

I could send you a photo of mine, although it is in need of new strings and a general clean up and some tlc. I don't even know if its the same type as yours.

Thanks for replying. Is your guitar a classical one (with nylon strings) or an archtop?
Mine is an archtop. If you like you could visit www.fetishguitars.com. They have some info on Catania Carmelo guitars, you can look for your model there.
Send me a picture of your guitar, I'll send you a picture of mine.
Hello again,

Thank you for the website, will certainly have a look. Mine has wire strings, I will take a photo and send it to you. Can it be done via this site or will it need to be by email? I don't know anything at all about guitars really and don't know what an archtop is like. It wasn't something that interested me much passed my teens I'm afraid but I never felt able to sell it although I didn't ever imagine it was worth anything.
An archtop is a guitar which has "f" holes on the top, similar to a violin. The top & bottom are curved outward. You can email your pics to me, my email is progamer_48[@]hotmail.com (Remove the brackets)
Hello again,

Thank you for your description of an archtop. In that case mine isn't. Will send you a photo as soon as I can. Do you know if these guitars are special - value wise or otherwise?
Catania Carmelo guitars are pretty rare, especially if the label is still inside the giutar with the production date. They are special because this luthier was Italy's most successful guitar maker. As I mentioned earlier, there are replicas of his work, so the label counts alot. Go to the site & see a part of his work, some are magnificient!
Email the photos, I am looking forward in seeing another Catania Carmelo!
Thank you so much. I had not even imagined that it could be something so rare. I suppose when you have had something for so long. which I am sure did not cost my grandmother very much money when she bought it for me, less than £20 I think, it doesn't really occur to you that it could be worth something. I will photograph mine tomorrow and email it to you.
You're most welcome. Visit the site, you can read about Catania Carmelo & an interview with his son or nephew. Try & send me a photo of the label as well.
Hi, just about to send you a photo of the guitar. Will do label next.
Hello agailn. Have tried to send a photo of the label but my camera batteries have gone down. Will try again tomorrow