Would this amp be good for metal?
I use a Peavey Transtube Rage 15 watter now, and while it's decent for my basement...I would really like to have my own amp for shows, which my band does play, instead of borrowing a friends.
The sound I would be going for is a heavy, dark rhythm overdrive as well as at least some good lead tone and a decent clean.
Does this amp cover that?

Oh, and could I possibly get some good cab's that would match well with it? Thanks.
before my 50 cal+'s lead channel decided to crap out, i found it had a good distortion sound. it sure as heck will be loud enough.
i'm sure an od pedal will take care of any shortcomings you may experience.
if its the one without the built in eq, you should get one for the efx loop. i can't comment on an external cab, but the combo does offer 1 8-ohm, and 2 4-ohm out jacks
how much are you paying for it?