i have a Harley Benton S580WR, Marshall mg 30 and a boss me50 multi effects pedal, whenever i play above the 9-10th fret on the E and B strings the notes cut out realy quickly and sound scratchy. Also the G string generaly sounds buzzy and scratchy even though theres no fret buzz.

All of this mostly happens when i have high distortion on from the effects pedal, except for the G string..which sounds bad with or without it. On clean its sounds fine except for the G string.

I have tried changeing the strings, adjusting the pickup height and the action but none of this realy makes a difference...i have also tried using my freinds amps and the same thing happens.

Also if i play 2 notes together on the e and b strings..sometimes the G..it realy sounds bad and cutty/electricy. This mostly happens higher up the fret board.

Im guessing the problem is the pickups and if it is..is it worth replacing them or just getting a new guitar? I wasnt expecting it to be amazing as it only cost under £100.
Sounds like you have bad/uneven frets or poorly set action rather than bad pickups.
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try having the guitar setup. youd be surprised how good it can sound with some simple tweeks from a pro.