Hey everybody. I'm just trying to spread the word around and possibly get a few more listeners. I'm a 19 year old college student at Mizzou in Columbia, where all I have now is my laptop and my acoustic guitar.


On the page now are two older, better recordings I did at home, "A Walk Through Hell" is a Say Anything cover and "The Leaf", as well as everything else, is original, written entirely by me. I've put two new demos that I've recorded in my dorm up in the last few weeks as well.

All feedback is appreciated. Thanks.

Hey Vam

Just had a listen to your song The Leaf.

You have a good sense of arrangement, and I like how it becomes more up tempo - it would sound cool with some distorted gtr, but I'm guessing that's what you intend for the song. Did you play all the instruments?

Good work.

Tommy T
Hey Tommy,

Yeah, all the guitars are real instruments played by me. The drums and keys are both synthetic, played on a keyboard.

Regarding the distorted guitars. That's what I was going for, I was just really cautious when it came to raising the volume on them. I didn't want them to get overpowering.
hey man. dont know if youre still around on this site, or even columbia, but im a sophomore here, and if you need an accomplice or someone to collaborate with. Hit me up! I play a strat, and am saving up for an eclipse as my humbucker guitar, cuz sometimes you just need to rock