This song is almost finished all i have to do is extend the chorus and find a proper ending. I dont know what i wud catergorize this song as. I changed it twice and added some string ensemble kinda like the movie soundtracks when a its sad. This song doesent realy have a name since i dont know what to write about for the lyrics. When i think hear this song i think about rain. Thanks if you download this song Please leave a Comment
A Sad Song.zip
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Creepy sounding, I imagined a funeral when I heard this. Very very beautiful. I can see the hi-hat on 2 and 4 now in the intro, LOADS of potential here. Or at least played during a eulogy. Sad, minor, and very good. Is this in std. or Eb?

8.5 out of 10.
I dunno much about scales since i just pick up a guitar and learn. I havent got the chance to read notes or know what kind of scales i use. But i bet if i new them then i wud know what note to use next since i just improvise lol.
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