well, its christmas soon
my parents are wondering what i want
ive got about £300 to spend

so ive been searching around the internet for days now
and ive come to some stuff which would be cool
but there all around the £300 mark, so i'l hav to choose just 1

either new amp
Randall RG75DG3
Roland cube 60
or sumthing else ....

btw atm my amp is a spider II 30 watts

new guitar ibanez rgr321ex

electric drum kits millenium 300 or somethin from thomann.de
dunno reli y i want a drum kit, but there great fun to mess with :P

or something else completely

any suggestions are welcome
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Yeah. I'd get a new amp for that money.
Laney VC30's are pretty nice.
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I also agree you should get a new amp.

And unless your like 10, never use the word "pressie" again... please...